For use with playing Resident Evil 7's 21 mode.

Odds tell you your chance of busting instantly.

Win/Tie/Loss% are approximate and not exact, you can still lose when your enemy has 100% chance to lose if you're negligent to your advantage.

✡ indicates "best possible card" you would get from the ultimate draw card, it will be red if it will make you bust.

Numbers in each row indicate what your new quantity will be if you randomly drew that card. You want the green one, and to avoid having lots of red ones unless your opponent can't score higher than you.

Button lets you flag cards if you manage to deduce your opponents face-down card, not included in any calculations. If you know it for sure then hit the checkbox.

Click the 21 at the top to change the "go to" number designated by any active trump cards.

Even in borderless windowed mode RE7 will sometimes hang if you alt tab too much so run this on a tablet or your phone if it's big enough.

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