Tiny Talos v0.4B

  • Added new logo by Eric M.!
  • Rebalanced the vacuum to play better with the set of Weapon Upgrade chips.
  • Added "Move Speed+" and "Jet Fuel" chips for increasing your general movement speed.
  • Added "RAM Disk 16/32/64" chips for increasing your overall capacity.
  • Added visual cues for "teleporter" puzzle.
  • Reorganized coins in the kitchen to teach the player about mechanics more effectively.
  • Raised the blinds in the Laundry Room to make the window exit more visibile.
  • Tally now checks a radius around where he's attempting to climb to prevent getting stuck climbing into geometry. This unfortunately decreases the amount of situations he could climb up sloped surfaces.
  • Made closets real.
  • Reinforced window collision boxes.
  • Extended tutorial so players are forced to learn what Cookie Crumbs are, preventing player from getting frustrated from not having a mop.
  • Unequipping the OS chip remains unrecoverable. Don't do it. This is not a change, it is a warning.
  • Stability improvements regarding Sparkle Point collection.
  • Performance improvements regarding debug logging.


TinyTalos_v0.4B.zip 834 MB
Jan 31, 2021

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