Tiny Talos v0.6.3R

Tiny Talos v0.6.3 R

  • Added save and loading mechanics to the main game:
    • Stains and collectibles respawn in accordance to the present save state.
    • Grass GUIDs are now stored individually and should respawn correctly.
    • A screenshot of the game will be stored with each save so you can tell what you were looking at when you saved.
    • There may be some weird unpredictable quirks stemming from this but the game should be beatable in one session or many, so please report any weird quirks that you find.
  • Tally now destroys all carried items when he picks something up, which should prevent you from getting haunted by trash.
  • Tally can now E-climb to get up ledges while the Helicopter is engaged, increasing general movement options.
  • Camera should now clip into walls less frequently.
  • All UI scrollbars move 10x faster and are wider so people can observe that they exist and use them reliably.
  • The Shop menu is far less likely to result in a mixed state where you wind up buying the wrong thing. You must click to select something for purchase, and if you select something else and then unselect it, it will correctly put the description/price/currency icon back where it should go.
  • If you attempt to equip Chips via clicking on the white checkbox, it will equip as many as possible without exceeding your maximum free ram.
  • Fixed the display names of storable trash to be more consistent.
  • Damage numbers for collecting storable trash no longer appear.

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Feb 17, 2021

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