Tiny Talos v0.6R

Tiny Talos v0.6 R

  • Fixed long-standing bug with some stains not respawning properly.
  • Energy Blaster and Grenade Launcher can now damage items you would normally store.
  • The Grenade Launcher now does self-damage and deals knockback force to Tally.
  • Added "Weapon KnockBack+" chip to increase all knockback dealt/received.
  • Added "Weapon Energy Vampirism+" chip to allow you to convert a portion of energy dealt to robots into battery energy.
  • All forms of energy gain should now spill over into the reserve battery, not just charge bases. Should reduce scenarios that leave the reserve battery empty.
  • Converted "Helicopter Force+", "Helicopter Jumps+", and "Jumps+" to cost scrap rather than money. Prices and RAM costs also adjusted.
  • Added cheat buttons "Impulse 101" and "Chip Squall".
  • Added a divider between the Self Destruct button and the Close Game button.
  • Removed phantom chips being equipped at the beginning of the game.
  • All weapons and projectiles now move via FixedUpdate rather than Update so they should be more consistent for all players.
  • Added a transparent UI meter for the amount of energy in the Reserve Battery.
  • Made energy meter icon become transparent once Death Resistance is consumed.
  • Crosshairs color schemes adjusted to better suit the HUD theme.
  • MouseWheel weapon switch should be slightly more fluid
  • Fixed Jacob accidentally showing up in the credits.
  • Some other stuff I probably forgot about.

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Feb 03, 2021

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