Tiny Talos v0.6.5R

Tiny Talos v0.6.5 R

  • Did more performance optimization to account for recent graphical changes. Please report any instability you experience. If you had bad framerates in recent builds, this one should be twice as performant.
  • Did another graphical enhancement to make the game resemble more classic purple and rectangular consoles, thanks to Manuela.
  • Game has a cool trailer thanks to jab.
  • Total game expense increased by $56.98, for those keeping track at home.
  • The game now occludes things more rigorously for performance reasons so if you experience any bugs where a visible portion of the world disappears while you still have line of sight with it please take before and after screenshots to report it in the discord.

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TinyTalos_v0.6.5R.zip 389 MB
Feb 27, 2021

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