Tiny Talos v0.6.2R

Tiny Talos v0.6.2 R

  • Added new chip types:
    • Added "Weapon Fire Rate+" chip that decreases the firing rate of a weapon.
    • Added "Weapon Ammo Capacity+" chip that increases the total ammo each weapon can hold, complimenting fire rate upgrades.
    • Added "Weapon Charge Rate+" chip that decreases the time required to fully charge a weapon.
  • Renamed the "Bubble Blaster" to the "Suds Shot" to distinguish it from the "Energy Blaster".
  • Made some changes to reduce near-misses / buffs for the two starter guns Energy Blaster and Suds Shot:
    • They now have a smaller hitbox so you can hit targets more reliably at ground level.
    • They now deal splash damage so that you are more likely to deal some damage with them.
    • They now sport an increased reload rate, decreased reload delay, decreased delay between shots, and a greater starting ammo capacity.
  • Some changes to knockback and splash damage:
    • Now all things that deal splash damage / have damage areas deal knockback.
    • Knockback is based on base damage, which is different from the damage received pre-self-damage-defense penalty.
    • All things that deal knockback deal a little bit of lift force to launch you.
  • Additions to UI fixes in the last update:
    • Reserve Battery meter is now darker to be more visible.
    • Gave each weapon more relevant crosshairs.
    • Redid the chip equipment screen to take up less space, please report if this is causes any confusion.
    • Changed the font size of the current weapon name to fit all weapon names in a single line.
  • Fixed the Grapple Barrel having 2 ammo when it realistically only has 1.
  • Decreased the base Ammo to Scrap Usage on the Net Crossbow down to 2 from 10.
  • Reset the Helicopter's launch timer to zero on landing if it went negative, hopefully reducing the chances of the helicopter blade preventing takeoff while grounded.
  • You will now enter the Swimming state when you helicopter into water.
  • Fixed a bug where weapons would try to fill their ammo with your resources prior to you owning them.
  • Reduced the amount of energy each weapon uses across the board.
  • The Chips and the Shop tab will now list things alphabetically according to the name of the chip/item.
  • Rewrote the entire charge mechanic and adjusted ammo counts accordingly. Basically, now if your ammo indicator says you have 6 shots on a charge weapon, you should be able to fire 6 times at a penalty of all charged shots taking an additional 0.3 seconds. Some charge weapons still consume additional energy during their charging period.
  • Changed the climbing collision detection again which allows for as much climbing as before the last change with even less getting stuck.
  • Made the safe entirely solid. Also made it possible to open it with a pad.
  • Fixed the Grapple Barrel moving the player's origin to the Grapple Head's position rather than moving the player's weapon back to the Grapple Head.

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Feb 05, 2021

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